Ok, correct us if we’re wrong, but wouldn’t everyone want millions of dollars to spend as you pleased, a butler to take care of every desire, and a giant NYC mansion to serve as your personal playground? Of course we would– but only Arthur had it, and man, was he living the dream. Sure, he liked to imbibe once in a while (and by “once in a while” we mean “every day, on the hour”) but other than that, he was riding a gravy train with biscuit wheels.

Well, except for that inconvenient arranged marriage with the heiress. She was cold and prudish, and boy, was she stiff. Basically, she just wasn’t Arthur’s cup of tea (or should we say “glass of Scotch”?) But alas, this was his fate. Marry Susan, keep your millions.

Then (then!) Liza Minelli shows up as the adorable ‘everygirl’ Linda, and Arthur is completely head over his drunk little heels. Unfortunately, rules are rules and Arthur’s rules (courtesy his father Stanford) are that Arthur must marry boring Susan. Now, you would think a family would appreciate true love (Did Romeo and Juliet not teach anyone anything?) but no, they believe that Susan will finally be the key to Arthur’s maturity. Thankfully Hobson, the trusty butler, sneakily intervenes when he sees that Arthur IS in fact growing up, and without the help of Susan no less.

In the end, of course, Arthur and Linda ride off into the sunset in a chauffered limo, and all’s well that ends well (minus the whole Hobson-dying bit and, oh– that little thing where Arthur makes a fool of himself in front of hundreds of people at his almost-wedding to Susan and then gets stabbed by Susan’s father).

Dudley Moore had quite the hit on his hands in 1981, as Arthur scored a cool $95 mil (a week’s allowance to ol’ Arthur) and ended up being the 4th biggest movie of the year. Plus, a couple of Oscars (one John Gielgund’s Hobson and one for that infernal “Moon and New York City” song) have secured its place in movie-dom. And while we’re not sure about the remake with Russel Brand (it’s impossible to live up to the late, great Dudley Moore and his fantastic portrayal as one of New York City’s favorite rich playboys), at least it will give the original film some renewed attention.

We’ll alert the media.

We ♥ Arthur (the original).


~ by weheart80s on April 8, 2011.

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  1. They made a remake.

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