Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Some songs were made for air guitar, others were better for air drums. But in the 80s, was there a better instrument to play than air-synth?

Think about it. “Take on Me”, “The Final Countdown”, “Axel F”, “Jump” … they’re all great 80s tunes that had you pretending you knew how to play the synthesizer as you tapped on your dashboard.

And then there’s that one tune air-synth that (for us anyway) started it all: Journey’s “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”.

When it first came on the scene in early 1983 and we heard Jonathan Cain’s opening synth riff, well… we were hooked. A hard-driving, hard rock tune isn’t usually the kinda place you’d expect to hear a pretty little keyboard, but there it was. And man, it was awesome.

If you never got four friends to come over and belt this tune out in your basement in the early 80s, we gotta admit we feel a little sorry for you. After all, the band actually showed you how to do it! It’s right there in the video! Steve, Steve, Jonathan, Neil, and Ross stood on that chilly New Orleans pier and air-played the song for you! (Of course, they did look a little silly occasionally– particularly at :54, when Jonathan looked like a cat clawing at an imaginary mouse, but still…)

“Separate Ways” spent 17 weeks on the 1983 Billboard chart, peaking at number 8 on March 19 and staying there for six weeks. Call us crazy, but we think it was the synth that made the difference.

…well, either that or that extra little ‘(Worlds Apart)’ tagged onto the title.  That must have helped, too.

We ♥ Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).


~ by weheart80s on April 20, 2011.

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