Every generation needs its own candy bar.

And we 80s kids got ours… and how. No ‘Butterfinger’, ‘Mounds’, or anything boring like that. No sir. Our candy bar was so good, so unique, and so crazy that it defied all logic. And no normal name would suffice.

Yes, our candy bar (Sure, it really arrived in 1978, but it really became popular in the early 80s) was…


(And before you go all ‘Bar None’ on us, rein yourself back in. That chocolate-coated piece of crap bordered on inedible, and within a decade, it was gone. Retired. Sent where chocolate goes to die.)

As we were saying, The Whatchamacallit was a blissful creation of ‘chocolate-coated penaut-flavored crisp’, so… kinda like a Kit-Kat had sex with a Reese’s Cup. And it tasted just as sweet.

For reasons known but to Ol’ Man Hershey himself, the recipe got a re-do in 1987 with the addition of a caramel layer. But since we happen to be big fans of caramel, we were okay with that.

Either way, it’s our candy bar, and ours alone, for we… are children of the 80s, and we love things that don’t make any sense. And no product name we can think of makes less sense than this.

We ♥ Whatchamacallit.


~ by weheart80s on April 22, 2011.

One Response to “Whatchamacallit”

  1. Whatever happened to Whatchamacallit? Did it go the way of Diet Tab?

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