Ok, fine. You tell us what YOU would do. It’s Christmas Eve, and you’ve accidentally forgotten to get your kid a present because of all the long hours you’ve spent trying to peddle your inventions to unsuspecting customers. The mall is closed… scratch that- pretty much everything is closed.

Now, you try to tell US you wouldn’t swipe up that little Mogwai from the slightly creepy Chinese man with a swiftness the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Just go ahead and try.

Unfortunately, Rand Peltzer didn’t realize he’d just put his town in a world of hurt. And it’s all because he was too busy marveling at his latest score that didn’t listen to the specific (and, yes, simple) instructions of the little snake who snuck behind his grandpa’s back and sold him the Mogwai.

Seriously, it wasn’t that hard: (1) Don’t get ’em in the light. (2) Don’t get ’em wet. (3) Don’t feed ’em after midnight.

Piece. O’. Cake.

Well, one would think… but one would be wrong. Billy, the lucky recipient of the little Mogwai we’ve all come to know and love, accidentally gives his little pet some good old fashioned KFC, thinking, “What could be the harm?” Well, Billy… The “harm” is death. And lots of it.

As we sat in awe and watched these disgusting little creatures pop out of Gizmo’s back and then go on to terrorize the town, we found ourselves… well, chuckling along the way. Yeah, Gremlins was somewhat marketed as a horror film, but it was undoubtedly funny. The deaths were over the top (who can forget the gremlin in the microwave?), the storyline was strange (hey, it was the 80s… if it wasn’t strange, we’d be concerned), and Gizmo… boy, was he lovable.

The movie was released the same weekend as Ghostbusters (and yes, we ♥ that!), and while it made about a million less than Venkman and Co., Gremlins still went on to be the fourth-highest grossing film of 1984. (It didn’t hurt that Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante both had a hand in its creation.)

So, maybe this year, as you’re settling down for your long winter’s nap, forgo the usual (read: “boring”) It’s A Wonderful Life, and pop in Gremlins instead. We’re positive your family will thank you.

We ♥ Gremlins.


~ by weheart80s on April 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gremlins”

  1. “Gremlins” is actually my favorite Christmas movie of all time. How can I not love that monologue about Kate’s dead father? (Oh, and for the record, Rand Peltzer is a putz, but he’s a completely lovable putz. For the record, I’d have just got my kid a hamster and played it safe.)

  2. And you, Heather, are clearly wiser than ol’ Rand Peltzer.

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