My Buddy

♫ ♪ My Buddy… my Buddy… Wherever I go, he gooooes! My Buddy… my buddy! My buddy and me! ♩ ♫

Dear Buddy,

Man, did you come along at a great time! The 80s really were the cream of the crop (if you ask us), and honestly, boys really DID need a doll that they could latch onto and love… one that no one would think was (ew!) girlie.

And you’re a BOY doll so, you know, there you go.

Yes, you did happen to be close to life-size, and some folks may even say that the horror movie doll Chucky was based on you, but don’t let that bring you down. We know what you were intended for (and, no, it wasn’t to creep people out. Quit being so hard on yourself). Hasbro really just wanted to make it cool for boys to play with dolls.

Did they succeed? Maybe… to a select few boys, but come on, all those little girls liked having you around just as much. And sure, they may have stuck you in a dress and forced you to play tea party, but that was simply the life you were destined for, it seems. And if you were lucky enough to be adopted by a boy with a sister, you were pretty much guaranteed (during at least some point in your life) that you’d be subjected to some sort of girlie play.

In 1985, you and your ‘typical boy’ look (overalls, ball cap, tennis shoes, requisite button nose) stormed the shelves as Hasbro bombarded our brains with that song… that jingle that we heard practically every time we turned on the TV. Hell, it STILL plays in our heads on occasion, almost 20 years later. How’s that for longevity?

Buddy, you still got it.

Yeah, we know. We know that a little while later Hasbro busted out Kid Sister to help boys be nice to their ‘fairer siblings’ (Side note: Was there an epidemic of brothers beating up their little sisters in the 80s? Quite possibly; the research isn’t complete.) but even if that was their intent, the company quickly realized the error of its ways, just as soon as little girls started snatching them up off the shelves and not you.

No matter, Buddy. You were the original. The Star. And, yep, that’s why we love you.

Best of the 80s.

We ♥ My Buddy.


~ by weheart80s on April 26, 2011.

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