Royal Wedding ’81 (the Chuck-n-Di version)

Whoever put 1981 together deserves a pat on the back. Reagan’s inaugurated, the hostages are released, the first Space Shuttle lifts off, MTV is born, and… we all get invited to the wedding of the century.

When Prince Charles and Lady Diana exchanged vows in St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981, more than 3,000 people looked on in person, and it’s estimated that close to 800 million watched on TV around the world. The hour-long cerermony was chock-full of pomp and circumstance… so much so that we’re frankly surprised neither of the stars of the show nodded off (though that could be why Diana was wearing a veil).

From the almost four-minute long opening procession, all the way through to the (at the time) happy kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, it was a true event for the ages. Diana, barely 20, was stunning, decked out in a poofy silk taffeta gown with a twenty-five foot train and topped off with a diamond tiara. And Prince Charles, 32, got all spiffed up in his naval commander uni.

Of course, no wedding ever goes off without a hitch, and when the whole world is watching, you’re bound to make a flub or two. We all remember Diana repeating her man’s name wrong (at 3:58 of this clip), but then Chucky had to go and bumble it up, too (at 8:20 of the same clip), promising to let Diana share all her worldly goods… with herself.

And not for nothing, but is there any doubt about where Rob Reiner got his inspiration when set about casting the role of ‘Impressive Clergyman’ in his awesome The Princess Bride? Yep… pretty much the same guy.

Looking back now we can’t help but feel it was all bittersweet (the marriage would essentially be over just a decade later, and in just 16 short years, Diana would be gone), but for one day in July, everything was as ‘fairytale princess’ as you could get. And it was a heckuva nice way to get the 80s going.

We ♥ Royal Wedding ’81 (the Chuck-n-Di version)


~ by weheart80s on April 29, 2011.

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