Goody Two Shoes

“Subtle innuendos follow, there must be something inside.”

He was a masculine Boy George (before there was a Boy George), with driving beats and infinitely dance-able pop tunes. When Adam (and his Ants) first arrived on the scene in the late 70s, he was clawing his way up with moderate hits like ‘Antmusic’ and ‘Stand and Deliver’. But it wasn’t until he went solo that we kids in America first caught wind of him.

His debut solo album Friend or Foe spawned three hits, including the one that really started (and well, ended) it all… “Goody Two Shoes”.

After getting more than a little sick of how the British media seemed to follow him wherever he went (particularly after ‘The Ants’ dissolved) Adam penned this little pop confection. Consider it an 80s version of Britney’s “Piece of Me“.

With makeup galore (though surprisingly little on Mr. Ant himself), the requisite ‘naughty librarian’ look, and that rather athletic leap over the bed (replayed in slo-mo, no less), the video was just about as memorable as anything from the early part of our favorite decade.

In all, the song spent 21 weeks on the chart, peaking at number 12 in February 1983. And, alas, it would pretty much mark the last time we heard from our boy Adam. Oh well… it sure was fun while it lasted.

We ♥ Goody Two Shoes.

~ by weheart80s on May 4, 2011.

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