The Grey Poupon ads

“Pardon me. Do you have any Grey Poupon?”

We can all agree the 80s were good times… high-rollin’ times. But seriously, who drove around in a Rolls Royce with a dinner table (complete with linen tablecloth) in the backseat?

Apparently, at least a few people.

You no doubt recall the rather affluent gentleman enjoying his beef dinner during a chauffeured drive through the countryside. But the meal was not complete until ‘his man’ retrieved the Grey Poupon from the glovebox. (Ah, one of life’s finer pleasures, indeed.) The gentleman spread a little as a garnish, and then, of course, put a bit on his salad. When his car paused at an intersection, yet another Rolls Royce, also containing an affluent gentleman, dinner table, and linen tablecloth, pulled up alongside. And the rest is history.

When the initial Grey Poupon ad first hit the airwaves in the early 80s, it was an instant hit. Sales of the dijon mustard jumped between 40% and 50% in the first year alone– not enough to give French’s a run for its money, but it was at least a nice little pick-me-up for a slogging brand.

The ad has since gone on to be parodied countless times, in everything from The Simpsons to Married… With Children to Trading Places to, yes, even Wayne’s World.

But it’s not all fun and games. Back in 2008, a group of kids pulled up next to a car in Salt Lake City and asked the famous question, only to have the ask-ee pull a gun and tell the kids, in no uncertain terms, that he did not have any mustard. He was booked for aggravated assault.

Apparently, the guy was not a true child of the 80s, because, if you ask us, those ads were pretty damn funny. Was the guy seriously lacking in a sense of humor?

But of course.

We ♥ the Grey Poupon ads.


~ by weheart80s on May 5, 2011.

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