Glo Worm

We’ve already expressed our love for Teddy Ruxpin, but a few years before our friendly neighborhood talking bear arrived (and when we were that much younger), our bedtime ritual involved snuggling up with our brand new, bulbous-headed, lullaby-playing, um… worm.

Sure, mock us if you want, but Glo Worm was just about as comforting as you could get. The soft, gentle light was sure to keep the boogeyman away, and the twinkly music helped us drift right off to sleep.

Playskool first gave us the Glo Worm in 1982, and it became an instant hit, which (of course) meant everything else soon followed. By the mid 80s, the Glo Worm empire had expanded to “Glo Friends”, and soon we were drowning in Glo stuff… sleeping bags, board games, lunch boxes, and, yes, even the requisite cartoon in 1986.

We’re not exactly sure that Glo Skunkbug and Glo Bedbug were the wisest names for some of our beloved Glo buddies, but there was no denying how popular these silly little things were.

And they’re still with us today. If you haven’t yet had kids of your own, fellow 80s devotees, just you wait– we’re pretty sure a Glo Worm will be one of the first things that goes into the crib with your little bundle of joy.

After all, you gotta keep the boogeyman away somehow.

We ♥ Glo Worm.


~ by weheart80s on May 10, 2011.

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