Koosh Balls

It must be pretty sweet to have a dad like Scott Stillinger. The guy was just sittin’ around the ol’ homestead one day when he had an idea for a toy for his two kids. Not content to just let them play with rubber bands, he though, ‘Well, hey… what if I took, like, 2,000 rubber bands and stuck them all together? That would be sweet!”

And it was.

Scott’s kids got a cool new toy, Scott’s wallet got big and fat (as the founder of OddzOn Products Inc.), and we all got to be in on one of the biggest trends of the late 80s.

Sure, it’s one of those ‘toys’ that begs the question, ‘yeah, but what does it do?’ but do toys always have to do something? Can’t they just sit there and be cool? Isn’t enough to just be able to pull on rubber bands and then squeeze them in your hand as a stress reliever?

Well, if you ask any of the millions of people who hopped on the Koosh craze in 1988, you’d no doubt get a firm and friendly ‘yes’.

We’re still not sure how the thing is actually put together. Is there something in the middle of a Koosh, or do all the rubber bands just join up to each other?

Eh, that’s not important, probably. The cool thing is that the Koosh is still going strong today. But only we, O Children of the 80s, we can say that we were there when it all began.


We ♥ the Koosh ball.


~ by weheart80s on May 17, 2011.

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