Max Headroom

So, how do you know you’ll live forever as an 80s icon? Well, being selected to be part of the decor in Back to the Future II‘s Cafe 80s is a pretty good start. Remember the waiters in Cafe 80s? Indeed, friends, they were TV monitors featuring big-name 80s folk (Reagan, Michael Jackson) designed in the style of… ?

Yep, Max Headroom.

Our beloved Max began his career on April 4, 1985, in England, the brainchild of Brits Annabel Jankel, George Stone, and Rocky Morton. After The Max Headroom show got a pretty solid following, it caught the eye of we American folk, and before we could say ‘Ca-ca-ca-ca-catch the w-w-w-w-wave!’, Max had arrived on our shores in all his rubber-faced, computer-generated glory.

Played by Matt Frewer, Max was a stuttering, chest-up fella who just seems to be so perfectly 80s in every way. He was a little obnoxious, a lot cocky, and he he was unlike anything we’d seen before, so of course he became ‘it’ for a couple years.

Within a few months of hopping across the pond, Mr. H-H-H-H-H-Headroom was hawking New Coke, getting interviewed by Letterman, and even starring in music videos:

He also got his own show on Cinemax, but by late 1987, he was starting to wane a little in our pop culture consciousness. And then (for folks in Chicago, anyway) he became a flat-out punchline. On the night of November 22, a Max Headroom impersonator somehow pirated his way into the broadcast signal of WGN and WTTW-TV. For about 25 seconds, the hacked signal interrupted the late local news on WGN, and then, later that night, an ep of Doctor Who on WTTW was affected. Craziness all around.

Sure, by 1988 ‘Max Fever’ had pretty much run its course, but we’ll always have a s-s-s-s-soft spot in our heart for the g-g-g-guy.

We ♥ Max Headroom.


~ by weheart80s on May 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Max Headroom”

  1. I love Max…the show is still fresh and funny today. Every time I see Matt Frewer, though, I have to remind myself he’s not Dwight Schultz…

  2. They look so much alike. I have searched for Matthews Frewer and Dwight Schultz photos to compare.

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