Martha Quinn

It wasn’t enough that we Children of the 80s now had this awesome new channel that played music videos 24 hours a day, we were also introduced to the five people that would make our lives even better. Alan, Nina, JJ, Mark, and… Martha.

All five original MTV VJs will of course always have a special place in our hearts, but none more so than our beloved Martha. Hey- some people liked Mary Ann, some people liked Ginger. Us? We’ll take the cute ‘girl next door’ every single time. And Martha? Well, she was just about as cute as they come.

Fresh out of college, Martha heard about auditions for this new thing called MTV. Between her love of music and her experience in front of the camera in a handful of commercials, it was a no-brainer. Martha Quinn got the gig, and the rest is music television history.

All the cuteness in the world, though, doesn’t count for anything if you can’t get the job done, and Martha proved, right out of the box, that she belonged at MTV. Fun and perky with an encyclopedic knowledge of music and an easy-going way with even the toughest of interviewees, Martha became appointment viewing. Sure, we were all watching for the music videos, but it takes a special kind of person to make you want to keep watching between the videos, too.

Martha (sorry, but has a name and a person ever been so poorly matched?) was a fixture at MTV from day one right through its tenth anniversary, but (alas) all things must come to and end, and in 1991, she moved on. These days, though, she continues to profess her love for all things 80s as the host (along with the other three surviving original VJs) of her own show on Sirius’ “80s on 8” (10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.)

Forget ‘The Reagan Years’… Allure Magazine was right. The 80s were ‘The Martha Quinn Years’.

We ♥ Martha Quinn.

~ by weheart80s on June 3, 2011.

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