Hungry Hungry Hippos

Yes, technically it was 1978, but look- if we limited Best of the 80s only to stuff that was created in the 80s, our board game section would be mighty scarce.

So… even though HHH is a 70s toy, far more 80s kids enjoyed it, and that’s all we care about.

The game was simple… four hippos, facing off against each other, vying to devour the most white marbles. We’re not exactly sure why the game developers chose hippos over, say, pigs, but there you go. Over the years, the hippos’ colors have changed (pink, purple, yellow, orange, blue, and green have all been represented), but the game has stayed the same. All you need to do is flip the tab sticking out of your hippo’s butt, and hope his mouth comes down around a marble. Piece o’ cake.

Yes, our beloved HHH is still around today, but consider yourself warned- there’s no substitute for the original. A sampling of comments on the game’s amazon page include, “cost cutting ruins childhood favorite”, “Cheap crappy version of a classic favorite!”, and “Wish I had saved mine….from 25 years ago….”

See? Need any more examples of how awesome the 80s were? We thought not.

Om nom nom nom.

We ♥ Hungry Hungry Hippos.

~ by weheart80s on June 7, 2011.

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