Small Wonder

What’s a family to do? Dad brings home a robot child, and (of course) they have no choice but to take her in and pretend that she’s their new adopted daughter, right? Who would be the wiser?

What about that AC outlet under her right arm or the access panel in the back? Wouldn’t that throw someone off? Well, in case you’ve completely forgotten what site you’re on, this was the 80s and pretty much any sort of oddity flew. (Just recently we were singing the praises of a furry alien who crash landed in someone’s garage.)

Thus, the television show Small Wonder was born.

Dad happened to be a robotic engineer and was trying to test out the robot he modeled after a real little girl. So, in order for her to “mature in a family environment”, he brought V.I.C.I (Voice Input Child Identicant) or Victoria Ann Smith-Lawson home to his wife and (human) son. Things were quite peachy in the Lawson household until the nosy neighbor, Harriet, got a whiff of the new ‘girl’ and had to do some snooping.

The entire series centered on the family trying to keep Vicki’s identity a secret… which was hard to do with Harriet and her really intolerable parents popping up at the most inconvenient moments. (Let’s take a minute: How do TV neighbors get away with being so nosy? In real life the cops would have been called repeatedly on these people!) Regardless, the Brindles were there, and they were determined to find out just what was up with the Lawson’s daughter that popped up out of nowhere and had a really hard time not sounding like a robot.

The series ran from 1985-89, and then Vicky and the rest of the clan signed off for the final time. As of 2009, the actress who played Vicki (Tiffany Brissette, in case you were curious) was in nursing school and living in Colorado. Her legacy? Alas, Small Wonder continually makes it on pretty much every ‘Worst Television Shows of All Time’ lists. *Sigh… What’s a robot to do?

It’s alright, Vicki. It was the 80s… and that means you’re ok with us.

We ♥ Small Wonder.


~ by weheart80s on June 9, 2011.

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