In the mid-80s, ‘preppy’ was the name of the game (…well, if that was your thing, we suppose, but for the post’s sake, let’s just agree.)

So, it’s 1986, and you’re a preppy wannabe yuppie. Do you go for black pumps and lace leggings? Ripped up jeans and Chucks? Absolutely not. You reach for your Sperry Topsiders. You say you’ve never stepped foot on a yacht? And the closest body of water is an easy seven hour drive away? No worries, friend- your Topsiders just look too damn good with your khaki shorts and polo shirt to even think about about passing up.

And so, that was that. Aside from those who were sporting the sweatbands and Umbros, Sperry Topsiders were the key ingredient to tying together your look that says, “Why, yes! Yes, I DO spend my weekends at the marina. Why do you ask?” The shoes, which had been around for ages, really burst onto the scene in our favorite decade with a new popularity. Beemers, playing the stock market, and Izod shirts were all the rage so, of course, one had to have shoes that matched the mentality.

Eventually the boat shoes slowly went out of style (except for with the older crowd and for people who actually DID own yachts), but Topsiders have recently made a comeback with a slightly modified look. Still a bit pricey, but man, throw on a pair with some vintage Wayfarers and you’ll go back. Back to a simpler time, a better time, and well, let’s be honest, a weirder time.

Long live Topsiders!

We ♥ Topsiders.


~ by weheart80s on June 10, 2011.

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