Yeah, ma, I know I have Legos, but the pieces are just so small, and I wanna build something huge! My Erector Set? Sure, I can build big, but who has time to tighten all all those nuts and bolts, ma?

Nope, there had to be something better. Something cool and awesome and capable of building the Titanic… to scale.

Ladies and gentlemen- Construx.

Introduced by Fisher-Price in 1983, Construx was just about perfect for aspiring architects, rocket scientists, and mechanical engineers. Suddenly we had I-beams, axles, pulleys, winches, and all kinds of fun ways to build whatever our little 80s brains could think up. Airplanes, spaceships, cars, even robots were now at our fingertips.

It was, simply, the intricacy of Erector Sets married to the ease and pop-together-ness of Legos.


…and then, just like that, they were gone.

As with many great things from the 80s, Construx was discontinued and sent out to pasture, even before the decade was up.

Just to make matters worse, K’Nex hit the market just a few short years later (in the -booooo!- 90s), and with that, we knew that we would never again know the pleasure of Construx.

We gotta tell you, ma… a little part of us died that day.


We ♥ Construx.


~ by weheart80s on June 14, 2011.

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