Macho Man Randy Savage

Before we ever had to smell what the Rock was cooking (and really, what WAS he cooking? Why was he cooking before a wrestling match? These are the questions that keep us up at night.) we got to hear the deep, raspy voice of Mr. Randy Savage himself, scream out, “Ohhhhhh YEAHHHHH!” You wouldn’t think that would be that great of a catch phrase, would you? Well, clearly, you weren’t a wrestling fan in the 80s. (It’s PRIME, if you ask us.)

You see, back in its heyday, wrestling wasn’t just an hour of television where grown men in costumes threw each other around a ring. (Well, it was but it was just a little more magical, alright? And it wasn’t on the SyFy channel, ok??) These wrestlers had stories and backgrounds and let’s just go ahead and say it, we cared about these people and their ridiculous drama. So of course we cared about Randy. We cared about him and Miss Elizabeth, and we may have even been hurt when the feud between him and Hulk Hogan blew up because, waaaaiiiiitttt! How do we CHOOSE??? But that’s the way the cookie crumbles, 80s friends.

Randy went on to enjoy a successful wrestling career and in the 90s (yes, boooo!, we know) he even became the spokesman for Slim Jims and his signature yell of “OHHHHH YEAAAAAHHH!” was resurrected once more and it brought us back. Unfortunately, last month, Randy passed away after having a heart attack while driving. It was a sad day for any true child of the 80s. We hope you met St. Peter at the pearly gates with your sunglasses and Slim Jims, Randy. We’ll miss ya, buddy.

We ♥ Macho Man Randy Savage.


~ by weheart80s on June 17, 2011.

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