Transformers (the animated series)

Transformers: More than meets the eye!

“Yeah, so they’re robots. What’s the big deal,” right? Oh we see… you’re one of those kids who didn’t think it was cool that the robot turned into a car, are you? Well, we don’t take kindly to you folks around here.

Juuuuust kidding.

We welcome all types here at BotE. Even those of you who have accidentally stumbled onto our site and aren’t even real fans of the 80s but for some reason felt compelled to read. Sit back, stay a while. This is gonna be a good one.

We’re sure you’ve heard the racket about that new movie coming out this week. You know, the third one in the series that’s getting HORRIBLE reviews. (Except from that one movie critic we know. It’s ok though. We’ll forgive him this once, just because we sort of like him.) Well, fear not, it wasn’t always that bad. Especially if you were a kid in the 80s.

It’s true. Once upon a time these robots were quite fantastic.

Based on a toy line by Hasbro, Transformers cartoons flooded our small screens in 1984. (As we’ve discussed before, what toy didn’t get its own cartoon in the 80s?) The premise? Alien robots disguised as various automobiles, major appliances, and animals faced other alien robots (of the evil variety) disguised as various automobiles, major appliances and animals. And it was all in a battle to keep the world safe. Sound confusing? It wasn’t. You just had to know who was who.

The animated series was a hit, but unfortunately we can’t say the same about the animated feature film. Huge flop. However, the series trudged on despite the blow it took at the box office. Lasting all the way into 1987, those cartoon robots held the attention of children everywhere. It was hard not to love a giant semi-truck with a soothing baritone.

Or… maybe we’re just biased.

We ♥ Transformers (the animated series.)


~ by weheart80s on June 30, 2011.

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