Day-Glo Fashion

“She wore a raspberry beret…” – Prince, 1985

If we said ‘fashions of the 70s’ to you, what springs to mind? All we can see in our minds is brown bell-bottoms, a beige paisley shirt, and brown dancin’ shoes.

Wake us when you get a pulse.

So when the 80s rolled around, what was the first item on the agenda? Yep… COLOR!

Gone were the days of earth tones and ‘autumn’ colors. The 80s were a ‘summer’, baby. Blue! Red! Green! All of the above! Preferably neon!

Seriously, the 80s were great for so many different reasons, but among the best was the fact that you could literally wear any color combination. From Swatches to legwarmers to jelly shoes, no color was too bright, and nothing clashed.

Need proof? Check out our good friend Ms. Lauper up there (^). Show of hands, ladies- who among you didn’t love that look and try it at least once? Yeah, we thought so.

And fellas, don’t think this was only a chick thing. Perhaps you saw a popular little show called Miami Vice? Ever see Don Johnson in a drab green button-down with khakis? Yeah, no.

From movies to TV to music videos, if the attire wasn’t retina-searing bright, you may as well have stayed home.

These days folks like Katy Perry and Ke$ha are doing their damnedest to bring back ‘the color’, and we say it can’t happen soon enough.

We ♥ Day-Glo Fashion.


~ by weheart80s on July 1, 2011.

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