The Cherry 7-Up ads

If there was one color that really defined the 80s, it would have to be pink, right? Think about it: Pretty in Pink, pink Izod shirts, pink Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers, “Pink Cadillac”, pink soda…

Yes, pink soda.

In the late 80s the folks in the corner offices at 7Up, Inc. were looking to ride the ‘pink’ wave, and they had a brainstorm. “If we,” one said, “add some artificial cherry flavor and some Red 40 to 7up, we’d have a totally wicked pink concoction. Chicks (and men in touch with their female side) would love it! Harrison, make it happen!”

But what good is a fun new product without equally memorable marketing? And the marketing for Cherry 7Up? Pure genius. In fact, we bet you could (if you really think about it) sing the entire jingle from memory. Ready?

“Isn’t is cooooooool in pink? Isn’t it…”

(We’ll wait while you finish.)


It was easily one of the most catchy tunes that the 80s had to offer, but it was nothing without those black and white (and pink) ads. Cute kids flirting to the dulcet tones of the jingle… man, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Toss in a little bit of teenage Joey Tribiani, and those guys over at ‘the Uncola’ were really on to something.

In all (near as we can figure) four Cherry 7Up ads hit the airwaves. Joey’s, the carnival rides one, the pink Cadillac one, and the dude-in-the-diner one.

And, no… we don’t remember the ‘to be continued’ Cadillac one ever being continued either. That poor guy’s probably still standing there, staring out the window.

Dude, she’s gone. But Cherry 7Up is still around (though now it’s the oddly medicinal-sounding ‘Cherry 7Up Antioxidant’), and it’s still so cooooooooooooooooooooool… in pink.

We ♥ the Cherry 7-Up ads.


~ by weheart80s on July 7, 2011.

One Response to “The Cherry 7-Up ads”

  1. Hi! I love Cherry 7up-The jingle and commercials are my favorites to this day(Especially *Ruby’s Diner*) There is a 5th commercial to add to your list-A concert. 2 teens are shown in separate bathrooms then meet in the crowd. I’m not sure if early or late 80s,though. Thank You for the cool post!

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