Pole Position

“Prepare to qualify…”

Sick of floating around outer space and blowing up asteroids? Tired of defending your bases as missiles hurtle toward you? Well, how about a nice little drive in a Formula 1 car?

Don’t mind if we do.

In a time when every game was somehow space-related, along came Namco’s Pole Position in 1982. Suddenly, we’re back on planet Earth, and we’re actually driving a (*gasp*) car! And we’re not shooting things! And there’s no bad guys!

After a cute little jingle, a lovely fem-bot voice tells us to “Prepare to Qualify”, and off we go. Switch from LO to HI gear, keep your car in the middle of the track, and rejoice with every mrrrrrow as your competition goes flying by.

Pole Position was one of the most popular games of its day not only because it was different, but because of the stellar graphics. Seriously, when your car blew up, you could almost feel the heat from those multi-colored flames.

As with everything from the 80s, Pole Position even became a Saturday morning cartoon… but it was short-lived and was a lot closer to Speed Racer than the video game it was ‘based on’. After just one season (1984) it was done.

The game endures, though. In a big way. Every current car-racing game, from Project Gotham to Blur, owe their success to that fun little game from 30 years ago that started it all.


We ♥ Pole Position.


~ by weheart80s on July 12, 2011.

One Response to “Pole Position”

  1. Speed Racer made before this game.

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