Cassette Singles

Because as much as you loved your 45 of Men at Work’s “Down Under”, you just couldn’t listen to it while you sat on the beach.

Because your Sony Walkman was of no use without a cassette inside.

Because damn, your baby sister sure could scratch the hell out of your vinyl collection.

Because Bow Wow Wow (in 1980) and the Go-Go’s (in 1982) had a great idea that was ahead of its time.

Because in 1986 almost 350 million full-length cassettes were sold… almost triple the number of vinyl albums.

Because that same study showed that sales of 45 rpm singles accounted for less than 6 percent of sales.

Because in 1987 RCA-A&M-Arista saw the writing on the wall. And because MCA and Warner-Elektra-Atlantic later did, too.

Because if you’re going to launch a snazzy new music product, there are worse songs to debut it with than Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”:

Because you loved Rob Base & DJ Easy Rock’s “It Takes Two”, but ain’t no way you were gonna buy the whole album.

Because it was always fun to hear rare remixes, obscure tunes, and other goodies after the single.

Because they had the same stuff on both sides. When the tape ended, just flip it over!

Because they were small, relatively durable, go-anywhere, happy little pieces of plastic nirvana.

…and because we can’t think of anything that was so popular but for such a short amount of time. In early 1987, we’d never (really) heard of them, and just 13 years later they were gone. Dude.

We ♥ Cassette Singles.


~ by weheart80s on July 15, 2011.

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