Another Day in Paradise

“You can tell by the lines on her face. You can see that she’s been there…”

Time for 80s trivia, people!

Quick… can you name the very last song to reach #1 in the 80s?

Well, you can now.

That’s right, Phil Collins’ ode to homelessness topped the Billboard charts on December 23, 1989, and it stayed there for four weeks, making it not only the last #1 of the 80s but also the first #1 of the (booooo!) 90s.

So now you know.

Written by Phil himself, “Another Day in Paradise” was the first single off …But Seriously, and it was a far cry from the light-hearted, boppy pop tunes from No Jacket Required. (Remember “Sussudio”? “Don’t Lose My Number”? “Take Me Home”? Yeah, us too…)

Well, ol’ Phil realized he had the world’s ear, and he knew that he could actually do something to make a difference in a cause near and dear to his heart. (He first took up the cause of homelessness with Genesis’ “Man on the Corner” back in 1982.) And lest you miss the message, well… the video was there to smack you in the face.

In all, “Another Day in Paradise” spent 18 weeks on the charts, and went on to become the biggest song of Mr. Collins’ solo career. Sure, it was a little preachy, but sometimes that’s the only way to get your message across.

…and we can’t fault a guy for that, right?

We ♥ Another Day in Paradise.


~ by weheart80s on July 20, 2011.

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