Who knew making burgers could be this much fun?

Our bet is that the folks behind BurgerTime, one of the most, er… unique video games to emerge from our favorite decade, had a particularly unpleasant experience at their neighborhood McDonald’s, and thought, “Hey, enough with blowing up aliens. Let’s give folks a real world enemy— something they can really (if you’ll kindly pardon the pun) sink their teeth into!”

And with that, Chef Peter Pepper made his way into arcades around the world.

BurgerTime arrived on the scene in 1982 (via Japan’s Data East) and was introduced to the U.S. by Bally Midway, the geniuses behind Space Invaders and PacMan. Instead of lasers, though, you shot little bursts of pepper (you know… of the ‘achoo’ variety), and instead of ghosts, your enemies included the evil fried egg, the heinous hot dog, and the fiendish pickle.

And, of course, all the while you had to keep building burgers from the bun up.

BurgerTime put together the ladder finesse of Donkey Kong with the culinary flair of your local fast food joint to create one of the most entertaining (if often overlooked) games from the 80s.

Have no fear, though, comrades– BurgerTime is headed for a comeback. Within a matter of weeks, the slam-bang 21st century version is headed our way.

No, nothing will ever top (with lettuce and cheese) the original, but at least our beloved Chef Pepper’s still got the skillz.

We ♥ BurgerTime.


~ by weheart80s on July 26, 2011.

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