Win, Lose or Draw

“Welcome to the quick-draw game that everybody’s playing… It’s Win, Lose or Draw!”

So… were you a Vicki or a Bert?

Surely you watched at least one version of Win, Lose or Draw when it debuted in 1987. You had the NBC daytime version with the always lovely Vicki Lawrence, and you also had the syndicated version with our man Bert Convy.

And either way, you really couldn’t go wrong.

The game was simple enough (think “Pictionary”, and you’re there), and it had the added bonus of showcasing celebrities’ horrific artistic abilities.

Plus, if that wasn’t enough, you also had a battle of the sexes, just to top it off. Two ‘normal’ folk, two boy celebrities (Richard Kline, Ricardo Montalban, etc.), and two girl celebrities (Barbara Eden, Linda Blair, etc.) duking it out to see who could best draw a monkey and a globe to somehow get their team to guess Planet of the Apes.

Yes, field trips were a fairly common occurrence on our beloved Win, Lose or Draw… whether it was to co-executive producer Burt Reynold’s Florida ranch or to Hawaii, it was one of the few game shows that actually gave its viewers a nifty little change of scenery.

But it was the sight of celebrities crouched on their hands and knees in that make-believe living room that really took WLD to a whole new level of hilarity.

Alas, the show only lasted two short years (though it did live on quite nicely in reruns and on Game Show Network), but we’ll always remember how much fun we had trying to figure out just what the heck Loni Anderson was scribbling.

There’s no way that’s a lighthouse… we’re just sayin’.

We ♥ Win, Lose, or Draw


~ by weheart80s on July 28, 2011.

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