Candy Cigarettes

We know. They weren’t created in the 80s by any means but when any of us over here at BOT80s, that is one of the things that stands out in the 80s to us. We mean, how completely inappropriate? OF COURSE it was in the 80s. Who doesn’t want their nine year old to appear to be puffing away on a cigarette? Well, technically, the majority of countries like Norway and Finland because they banned them way before 1980 ever rolled around. Did the US follow their lead? Nope. God bless America.

The candy which was made out of either bubblegum, chocolate or some weird chalky substance was supposed to give the impression that you were “cool” enough to be taking a drag on a cigarette. If you were lucky enough to have one of the over-powdered chalky ones, you could blow on it and a puff of “smoke” would come out making the image of the small child smoking a street corner even more realistic. What’s more fun than pretending to get lung cancer, kiddies?!

As the years have passed, people have become more self-conscious about their health (read: Smart) and those candy cigarettes that were once so big are now hard to find. We guess it’s a good thing. (Ok, we know… we know…) However, we’re not gonna lie. We did feel pretty cool pretending to take a drag off one from an extra long cigarette holder. Those were the days…

We ♥ Candy Cigarettes.

~ by weheart80s on July 29, 2011.

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