Didja ever find yourself hugging your Cabbage Patch Kid and thinking to yourself, “Gee, I sure love her, but she’s just not soft enough! What I need is something that will make my pillow seem like a block of granite. I need a soft, fluffy thing that’s so damn huggable that it’ll feel like I’m squeezing a ten-gallon marshmallow!”

Well, if you were around in the 80s (and we bet you were!), thankfully you had Puffalumps.

The 1986 creation from our pals over at Fisher-Price were so light and fluffy, they were just this side of non-existent. Seriously, we tossed ours up in the air once, and it just kept on going. We never saw it again. Poor Panda.

Then, just to capitalize on the 80s crazes of bright colors and gaudy fashion, we all were treated to the Wild Puffalumps a few years later… because neon blue elephants with shutter shades and leopard print were something we all needed to have, right??

And, no, we haven’t forgotten the direct-to-video Wild Puffalumps ‘movie’. (If it’s been a while, go ahead and click… the whole twenty-ish minute extravaganza is there for the taking!)

Supper fluffy, super huggable (you can’t hug a Puffalump wrong, you know), and oh so 80s…

We ♥ Puffalumps.


~ by weheart80s on August 2, 2011.

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