Remote Control

“And now… it’s his basement, it’s his rules, it’s his game show. The quizmaster of 72 Whooping Cough Lane… Ken Ober!”

After six years of nothing but music videos, MTV apparently had reached the breaking point. And in December of 1987, there was something new where once videos of Janet Jackson had played.

And it just so happened to be the best game show to ever hit the airwaves (a case could also be made for Tic-Tac-Dough, but that’s an argument for another time).

Remote Control was the brainchild of legendary producers Doug Herzog (currently president of MTV Networks) and Joe Davola, and it starred none other than Ken Ober, Colin Quinn, and a rotating harem of hostess honies, including Marisol Massey, Kari Wuhrer, and Alicia Coppola.

But this wasn’t your father’s game show. No sir. With contestants chillin’ in La-Z-Boys and picking channels (instead of categories) like ‘Sing Along with Colin’, ‘Dead or Canadian’, and ‘The Honeymooners’, it was a 80s slacker dude (or dudette)’s dream come true─ a silly half-hour of fun that required no brain power whatsoever (except for an encycolpedic knowledge of music videos as you sat strapped into that Craftmatic Adjustible Bed for the Final Round).

And with a supporting cast that included Adam ‘Stud Boy’ Sandler and Denis ‘Colin’s Brother’ Leary, well… we think you see what we mean.

Alas, the beloved Mr. Ober has since passed on, but he left behind a legacy as one of America’s most underrated game show hosts. And even though Remote Control signaled the beginning of the end of MTV as we know it, we’re pretty much okay with that─ because it was just that good. In fact, we really look at 1992’s premiere of The Real World as the true demise of MTV.

Will MTV ever be the same again? Only “when Remote Control continues…”

We ♥ Remote Control.

~ by weheart80s on August 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Remote Control”

  1. I loved this show! Never even realized Ken had passed on.

  2. Loved this show! RIP Ken Ober.

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