Kate & Allie

“Just when you think there’s no one around who’s caring, along comes a friend who offers a hand in sharing, and things start looking fine…”

There’s just something about 80s sitcoms that sets them apart from pretty much any other decade. Think about shows like The Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Growing Pains. What did they all have in commmon? Yes, they all had goofy theme songs, sure… but what else?

Well, along with the gut-busting comedy (hence the ‘com’ part), they also tackled some pretty dicey situations (…and there’s the ‘sit’).

And Kate & Allie was no exception. CBS’ Monday night mainstay from ’83-’89 had a simple enough concept (think half The Brady Bunch, except with two moms, no romance, and no Alice), but there was always that “L” word undertone.

Sure Allie (Jane Curtin) and Kate (Susan St. James) ended each episode by saying “goodnight” and retreating to their respective bedrooms, but I think we all know the truth, don’t we? Yep, as soon as the credits rolled, spunky ol’ Kate probably hopped up and trotted right into Allie’s loving arms.

…or not. But that didn’t stop the gals from devoting a whole episode to tackling the issue head on.

And no, we didn’t forget the children; Chip, Emma, and Jennie had plenty of issues of their own (Emma running for class president against a student with leukemia, Chip letting a homeless man live in their basement…) but Kate & Allie was all about, well… Kate & Allie.

Curtin won two Emmys, St. James was nominated for three, and the show itself ended its run with 12 nods overall. By the end of the 5th season, as Allie accepted her man’s wedding proposal, the writing was on the wall, and the show (that at one point been the jewel in CBS’ crown) was all but over.

…but not without first making us think a little, laugh a lot, and realize that it’s perfectly okay for two women to play lesbians on TV… even if they really weren’t.

We ♥ Kate & Allie.


~ by weheart80s on August 18, 2011.

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  1. Please check out my interview with Allison Smith who played Jennie on Kate & Allie.

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