Commodore 64

Remember a time when there weren’t CDs, cell phones, and remote controls? We bet you might.

But can you remember a time when there weren’t any computers? Well, if you’re a true child of the 80s, the answer is probably ‘no’. In fact, we’re willing to bet a couple Rubik’s Cubes on the fact that you spent at least half your childhood sitting down in front of your family’s new personal computer.

And chances are, that computer was a Commodore 64.

Introduced in the summer of 1982, the C64 was a thing of beauty. With 64 kilobytes of RAM, it could do… well, not very much.

Actually, the good ol’ C64 could do plenty, thankyouverymuch, like run BASIC, create spreadsheets, be a word processor, and of course play games… tons and tons of games, including Ace of Aces, Avenger, and Jupiter Lander. Seriously, by the time all was said and done there were literally thousands of games available for our new best friend, the personal computer.

Because of the insanely low price point ($595 vs. $999 for the TRS-80 and a whopping $1599 for the Apple II), it’s no wonder the Commodore 64 was the most popular PC of its day, selling more than 15 million units.

Today it’s a wicked cool collector’s item, snagging upwards of $300 on eBay.

Not bad for a computer that has less RAM than an iPhone’s power cord.

Hey, we kid because we care, and because…

We ♥ the Commodore 64.


~ by weheart80s on August 26, 2011.

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