“It’s the crossword game you’ve played all your life, but never quite like this…”

Nope… because this, friends, is the TV version starring none other than our good buddy Chuck Woolery.

In the summer of 1984, Scrabble hit our televisions for the first time, and there it stayed for the rest of our favorite decade.

It was chock-full of some of the punniest clues ever to grace a game show. (“Seven letter word. The clue is, ‘They did a lot of work in hardware.'” The answer? Well, ‘knights’, of course. Ha!)

Just like the board game, the contestants had to build words from tiles they selected from the pot… but watch out for those stoppers! And, of course, if you could solve the word after placing a tile on a pink or blue square, well then good ol’ Chuck would wander over an slap a handful of hundreds on your desk. Not too shabby.

First person to score three words got a chance at the Scrabble Sprint round. “Remember to hit your plunger. That stops the clock. And all the letters are good.” (Not that we were Scrabble disciples or anything…)

You didn’t need to be a Jeopardy-sized genius to have fun watching Scrabble, and with the always-awesome Mr. Woolery along for the ride, well… it’s no wonder the show lasted for six strong years over at NBC.

Eight letter word. The clue is, “It’s a whole lotta fun.”

We ♥ Scrabble.


~ by weheart80s on September 1, 2011.

One Response to “Scrabble”

  1. I like when I saw the old show on youtube & this guy got two P’s. He said “I take a P.” Lol!

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