“Pop goes the Popple!”

With all the new stuffed animals that emerged on the scene in the 80s, it was easy to get them all confused. Wuzzles, Hugga Bunch, Teddy Ruxpin… you’d almost have to be a savant to keep them all straight.

But Popples? Well, Popples had something all those others didn’t. And if you actually owned one (or all nine) you know what we’re talking about.

Yep… our beloved Popples could be ‘stored’ in the shape of a soft, fuzzy ball, so not only did you have a new best friend (Prize, Pancake, Putter, et al.) you also had a pillow.

And how totally-cool was that?

Developed by American Greetings (not unlike those cutie-pie Care Bears), Popples were all the rage in the mid-80s. Looking back, we’re still not sure if they were bears, rabbits, or some other crazy conglomeration of weird animals, but we do know they had the cutest little poodle-poof tails.

And because they were so cute, well… of course they got their own Saturday morning cartoon. It only lasted nine short months, but the toys themselves lasted through several iterations, from Sports Popples to Rock Star Popples to Flower Popples.

Today, you’re gonna have to go the Pillow Pets route if you want a stuffie that turns into a pillow, but we’ll always have a soft (get it?) spot in our hearts for the adorable little guys that started it all.

We ♥ Popples.


~ by weheart80s on September 6, 2011.

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  1. I had these.

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