One to Grow On

“Hi, I’m Kim Fields. And I’ll be right back with One to Grow On…”

So you’re sitting there in your footie PJs on a chilly Saturday morning, downing a bowl of Honey (née Sugar) Smacks and watching a little Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears, when all of a sudden BANG! there’s Punky Brewster telling you she’ll be right back with “One to Grow On”.

Since when are we supposed to actually be learning something when we’re watching cartoons?

I know, I know… we all remember Schoolhouse Rock teaching us about interjections (like “ouch!”) and how three is a magic number, but now we have to learn that smoking is bad? That playing with matches is dangerous? And that you shouldn’t answer the door unless you know who’s there?

Wait a sec–– those are actually good things to learn. Okay, we’re actually hip to this whole “One to Grow On” thing after all!

The brainchild of the higher-ups at NBC, the Public Service Announcement series featured stars of the network’s shows (often of the juvenile variety) presenting some pretty serious teaching moments to us 80s kids.

From Ricky Schroeder to Jason Bateman to Mr. T., most of the top NBC talent helped out, including Michael J. Fox… and his rather icky PSA about touchy-feely Uncle George:

“One to Grow On” ran from 1983 to 1989, providing dozens of life lessons along the way, and though we might not have all had a creepy Uncle George, we could all certainly benefit from knowing that fire safety begins and ends with “Stop, Drop, and Roll”.

The series of PSAs would eventually be replaced by “The More You Know”, but we’ll always remember the original little nuggets of wisdom that got us started growing up right.

We ♥ One to Grow On.

~ by weheart80s on September 8, 2011.

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