The Moonwalk

To be honest, it doesn’t look that hard. Everyone can walk, right? And we’re sure most people can walk backwards, too. So…?

Yeah, we’ve all tried moonwalking (unsuccessfully) at one point in our lives. And even if we could somehow make it look even the slightest bit like how it’s supposed to look, we damn sure aren’t looking anything like our man Michael.

During NBC’s Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever on May 16, 1983, (though the show was actually taped in March) there he was–– wrapping up a super-hot performance of “Billie Jean” when he spun around, struck a pose, and then, well… then (at 4:13) he did this:

Let’s see… keep the sliding foot flat, while the push-back foot stays flexed. Piece of cake.

Yeah, no.

Guess we’ll just stick to walking normally.

Though MJ didn’t really invent the moonwalk (check out this nifty little video for proof of that), he sure as hell was the first person we ever saw do it. And no one (NO ONE!) ever did it better.

God rest his little moonwalkin’ soul.

We ♥ the Moonwalk.


~ by weheart80s on September 9, 2011.

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