“Mediocrities everywhere… I absolve you!”

In the past, when we’ve sung the praises of 80s movies, we’ve chatted about Weekend at Bernie’s, Some Kind of Wonderful, and even Uncle Buck.

What say we class up the joint a little, huh?

When Amadeus first hit screens in the fall of 1984, your first instinct probably wasn’t to run right out and spend your hard-earned 5 bucks on it. In fact, we’re willing to bet that the vast majority of you 80s kids still haven’t seen it.

Well… that would be your loss.

The filmmakers played very fast-and-loose with the term ‘biographical’ when it came to the story of Mozart, and we were all better for it.

Instead of a stuffy, Merchant/Ivory-ish tale of people in powdered wigs bowing at each other, we got a movie about a revered composer who cackled like a hyena on speed and was as vulgar as they come, and yet somehow still managed to make some of the world’s most beautiful music.

Amadeus cleaned up at the Oscars that year, winning 8 little golden guys, including Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Screenplay. It also went on to make more than $50 million, which isn’t bad considering ’84 was the year of Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, and Temple of Doom.

But okay, fine… if you’re still not convinced that Amadeus deserves a seat at our table here at Best of the 80s, there’s always this:

Without Amadeus, there would have been no “Rock Me Amadeus” from Falco two years later. He was inspired to write the tune after seeing the movie about his fellow countryman.

Well, there it is.

We ♥ Amadeus.


~ by weheart80s on September 12, 2011.

One Response to “Amadeus”

  1. I really liked this movie even though it wasn’t an action or comedy film. And it was waaaaay better than the Oscar winning snoozer, Chariots of Fire.

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