Spuds MacKenzie

“He’s Spuds MacKenzie, Bud Light’s original party animal!”

Oh Spuds, you’re craaaa-zy! (But, let’s be honest, the ad execs who came up with the idea of using a downright ugly bull terrier to sell Bud Light sure weren’t.)

During Super Bowl XXII in the early months of 1987, the world was introduced to a brand new pop culture icon, as Spuds MacKenzie arrived on the scene with all the subtlety of a Guns-N-Roses track.

From the word ‘go’, our little man (er, mutt) Spuds was everywhere. Not only was he on TV every 30 seconds with a new Bud Light ad, his heinous mug also graced everything from bumper stickers to key chains to T-shirts to stuffed doggies.

Of course, like so many things in the 80s, he became embroiled in a scandal; it was discovered Spuds was actually a Spudette. (You’d think the fact that he never raised his leg to pee on a tree trunk would have been the first clue, but whatever…)

And (even better!) it turns out Spuds was actually born with the name Honey Tree Evil Eye. (Somehow that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

Either way, Spuds was so awesomely 80s that we love him/her, no matter what.

We ♥ Honey Tree Evil Eye.

Oops! We mean…

We ♥ Spuds MacKenzie.


~ by weheart80s on September 16, 2011.

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