Here I Go Again

“I don’t know where I’m goin’, but I sure know where I’ve been, hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday…”

We’re sorry… were you saying something? We were just a wee bit distracted by this video of a hot woman doing a front handspring across two Jaguars.

Ah, Whitesnake.

Would it surprise you to hear that they’d already been around for nine years by the time their self-titled album hit Sam Goodys everywhere in the spring of 1987? Or that, in all, the boys led by David Coverdale have recorded 11 albums?

Yeah, us too.

…’cause when “Here I Go Again” blasted onto our boom boxes that summer, we could have sworn these guys were the hottest new thing (though, sure, they looked a little long in the tooth), and that they were destined for greatness.

Oops… turns out Whitesnake’s entire musical career of note can be bottled up in the last six months of 1987, and it began in earnest with “Here I Go Again.”

In all, “Here I Go Again” spent an insane 28 weeks on the charts, though only one (October 10, ’87) was at the top spot. But that’s good enough for us.

From the almost ethereal opening (and the equally ethereal shots of the lovely Tawny Kitaen spread-eagle on the Jags) through to the hard-rockin’ finish, “Here I Go Again” was pure rock, pure Whitesnake, and oh, so 80s.

We ♥ Here I Go Again.


~ by weheart80s on September 21, 2011.

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