Two of Hearts

“I-I-I-I-I-I need, I need you…”

And now, dear friends… the Stacey Q portion of the program. But first, a warning: Beware of 808 drums, vocal synthesizers, and the biggest hair this side of the 1985 prom at a Long Island high school.

While Madonna was still hanging out in her bra and fishnets, the young Stacey Q arrived on the scene, generally looking as though she were headed to an aerobics class after getting into a fight with a gallon of AquaNet.

And her first (and, well, only) big hit? “Two of Hearts”.

The bright, uber-bubbly pop tune immediately struck a chord with us 80s kids, thanks to its simple lyrics and that oh-so-danceable beat.

Of course, the fact that The Facts of Life showcased the young Miss Q (remember her as “Cinnamon”?) and her top 10 hit didn’t hurt anything either.

“Two of Hearts” wasn’t just a novelty song, it was a bona fide hit, spending 22 weeks on the Billboard charts and peaking at #3 in October of 1986.

More than that, we can’t think of a single song in the annals of music-dom that’s quite as synthetic as Stacey Q’s 1986 masterpiece.

…which might just be why we love it so much.

We ♥ Two of Hearts.

~ by weheart80s on September 28, 2011.

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