The Secret of My Success

“Please God, help me get out of this. I swear I’ll go all over the world telling people not to screw the boss’s wife.”

Sometime after we met Marty McFly and before we had to say goodbye to Alex P. Keaton, Michael J. Fox turned in one of his God-help-us most 80s-riffic performances. As Carlton Whitfield (nee Brantley Foster) the fantastic Mr. Fox had us rolling in the aisles… and then some.

Seriously, this kid was on fire in the mid-80s, people!

As the Kansas kid who gets his big break only to find out it’s broken, Fox turned on the charm in The Secret of My Success. After arriving in New York to discover the job he thought he had wasn’t there, he has no choice but to turn to Uncle Howard (make that ‘Mr. Prescott’), CEO of Pemrose Incorporated.

But our beloved Brantley doesn’t get a nice corner office, no sir. He’s gonna have to start at the bottom (read ‘mailroom’) and work his way up, just like all the other peons.

Of course, we all know what happens next… and it involves quick changes in the elevator, hitting on cutie-pie Christy, getting hit on by Uncle Howard’s wife (which would make her… Aunt Vera!), and somehow ending up on top when the smoke cleared.

With an oh-so-80s soundtrack, including Yello’s “Oh Yeah”, the good ol’ “Walking on Sunshine”, and (of course) Night Ranger’s epic title track, The Secret of My Success made it that much easier to wait for the rest of the Back to the Future trilogy to roll around.

And, hey, it was the number one movie in America for five straight weeks in April/May 1987, bringing in a whopping $67 million.

No, nothing will ever top ol’ Marty McFly, but we’re of the firm belief that when it comes to Michael J. Fox movies, The Secret of My Success is a solid number two.

Oh yeah. (Doooooo-bomp-bomp! Chick. Chicka-chickaaaaaah.)

We ♥ The Secret of My Success

~ by weheart80s on October 3, 2011.

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