“Gross for one, gross for all! We play with our… madballs!”

First we had Garbage Pail Kids. And then… well, then came Madballs. (“Johnson! I need something else that’s gross, to sell to the kids these days! Whaddya got?”)

The squishy (though not terribly bouncy) foam rubber balls were the hot new item on toy shelves in the mid-80s. And, really, is there any question why?

Every kid loves to play with a ball… so imagine what would happen if you slap brains, blood vessels, and drool on them.


From the eyeball ball to the delightful baseball that looked like it might scare Cujo (that would be ol’ “Screamin’ Meemie” up there ^), there was something to make every kid puke with joy.

…and yes, Madballs were so fantastically popular that of course they became the stars of their own Saturday morning cartoon and subsequent straight-to-VHS releases. Like, duh!

But perhaps the best news? Our beloved Madballs have been resurrected from the scrapheap of 80s history, and they live on even today… so you can share the joy with your children.

And don’t even try to tell us you’re not already on checking them out. We’ll meet you there.

We ♥ Madballs.


~ by weheart80s on October 4, 2011.

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