Sugar Smacks

“Gimme a smack, and I’ll smack ya back!”

While not as egregiously named as Calvin’s (of “and Hobbes” fame) ‘Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs’, you gotta admit–– you sure knew what you were getting when you tore open a box of Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks.

The sugary bits of puffed wheat first hit shelves in the early 50s, but it wasn’t until the early 80s that they reached their heyday… thanks to that adorable Dig’Em Frog mascot.

But their popularity proved to be a bit of an issue when, in the middle of our favorite decade, the sugar-blasted bits of happiness came under fire from parents who suddenly woke up and noticed that first big black word on the box… “SUGAR”.

So just like that, Sugar Smacks became Honey Smacks. Hey–– you say “tomato”, we say, well… “Sugar Smacks”.

These days, good ol’ Dig’Em is still at it, selling his particular brand of oh-so-sweet joy (yeah… like honey is any better than straight sugar.) And don’t be surprised if you catch us in the cereal aisle picking up a box, remembering the happy days when we could call things by what they really were.

We ♥ Sugar Smacks.


~ by weheart80s on October 7, 2011.

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