Space Invaders

It may have come from the 70s, but Space Invaders was the 80s, the whole 80s, and nothing but the 80s… in every way.

First arriving on the scene in 1978 from Japan (thanks to developer Tomohiro Nishikado), Space Invaders was the game that launched the 80s arcade revolution (sorry, Pong.) A simple, two-dimensional game that found you as a lone spaceship on a deadly mission to destroy alien invaders, Space Invaders was as addictive as the coke that Michael J. Fox snorted in Bright Lights, Big City.

The more aliens that went kablooey, the faster they came at you… and, sure, you had your bunkers to protect you, but what good were they against that one last alien that traveled at three times the speed of sound?

So… how big was Space Invaders? Well, it only finished the decade as the most popular arcade console and the 2nd most lucrative (it only made, oh, $2 BILLION by 1982 alone).

All hail, the king of kings.

We ♥ Space Invaders.

~ by weheart80s on October 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Space Invaders”

  1. I play this game.

  2. This was the first home video game I played (after pong). A friend of mine had it. I ended up getting Intellivision instead of Atari. So I always played the Intellivision version, which was Space Armada. Good times!

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