Jason Voorhees

We’re not sure what it was about the names of these mass murderers in the 80s but whoever was in charge… well, they could have used a little lesson in drama. I mean, at first glance, who’s scared of a guy named Freddy? He’s just a custodian in a bad sweater. And what about Michael Myers? Guy just wants to hang out with his sister…

Then we’ve got Jason Voorhees. Who’s ever been afraid of a Jason??

This guy was a momma’s boy who couldn’t swim. Plus, he had terrible fashion sense… Coveralls, Jason? C’mon now.  We can’t discount his love for hockey because in reality… that’s a fairly brutal sport, what-with all the fighting and slamming up against the glass. But really, the only thing this guy had going for a fear factor was that damn hockey mask.


And the giant machete he packed around just waiting to hack up some unsuspecting camper at Camp Crystal Lake.

Yeah, there was that.

Sure, if the kids hadn’t made fun of him for being a poor swimmer he wouldn’t have all this pent up anger. AND if the counselors at camp would actually keep an eye on their campers instead of sneaking out for a little hanky panky maybe Jason wouldn’t feel the need to slaughter so many teenagers… Ah, such is life.

Regardless of his hankering for playing the role of the Grim Reaper, we can’t help but have a little love for the guy. We just prefer to think of him as misunderstood.

We ♥ Jason Voorhees.


~ by weheart80s on October 21, 2011.

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