Okay, who remembers Paddlecab County? Anyone? Bueller?

C’mon, how can you forget someone so puke-inducingly cute as Kissyfur and his cuddly pop Gus?

When Kissyfur debuted on NBC in the early morning hours of a fall Saturday in 1986, we were treated to yet another happy cartoon that would give us plenty to look back fondly upon some 25 years later.

The heart-warming tale of a young boy who runs away with his dad to join the circus after mommy’s untimely passing was made warm-fuzzy when the pair wind up deep in the swamps of Paddlecab County with nothing to do.. except protect the local woodland creatures from evil crocs Floyd and Jolene.

It was jam-packed with enough syrupy sweetness to make Aunt Jemima choke, and, dammit, there’s not a thing wrong with that.

Kissyfur actually started out as a quartet of long-since-forgotten movie specials before gracing our Saturday morning TV lineup, and even though it only ran for two shortened seasons, there’s always enough love and gooey goodness to go around here at Best of the 80s.

Though… calling it “Kissyfur”? Really? What, was “Sugarpie Cutiepants” already taken?

We ♥ Kissyfur.


~ by weheart80s on October 27, 2011.

One Response to “Kissyfur”

  1. I hope put this on DVD.

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