Pet Sematary

It’s all fun and games until you bring your kid back from the dead.

Or we’re supposing that’s how Louis Creed felt once he realized that his zombified son wasn’t so cuddly and cute anymore. The Creed’s new house seems to be perfect at first glance. Of course there are the semi-trucks that roar by occasionally and then there’s that pesky cemetery that’s back behind their house that all the neighbors seem vaguely spooked by. Ah well. Let’s ignore the alarmingly odd cemetery and move in anyways, kids!

Stephen King’s book was brought to the big screen in the last year of our favorite decade and in no way did director Mary Lambert hold out on anything. The Creed family tragically lose their young son, Gage, in a horrific accident… He’s ran over by a semi-truck… Fortunately for Mr. Creed (unfortunately for anyone with a tendency to wet their pants while frightened) that pesky cemetery we mentioned earlier? Yeah, it just happens to bring pets back from the dead. How do we know this? Well, Mr. Creed managed to let his daughter’s cat, Church, get killed while she’s out of town and just like any good father would, he buries it in a haunted cemetery where it rises from the grave and now craves human flesh.

(Sounds pretty typical… Isn’t that what you all do with your dead pet?)

We all know where this is going, right? Yep. Louis decides that even though Church the cat has returned as Church the Evil Cat, he still wants to bury his sweet two-year old out there. Maybe they can go back to being normal? Maybe there’s a chance Gage’s inner-kindness will overcome the evil?


Have you learned NOTHING about haunted cemeteries in your life?!

As these things typically go, Gage starts murdering people. Louis is trying to cover up the fact that he’s a weirdo who brought his kid back from the dead and the neighbors? Well, RIP Herman Munster. R. I.P. We can’t think of a worse way to go than to have your Achilles Tendons sliced open and then eaten alive by a toddler…

Unfortunately, nothing good happens to the Creed family as Gage kills his mother, Louis has to kill the demon-version of his son and then Louis decides to also bury his wife in the cemetery. (What is with this guy?! Get a clue, pal) We get one of the spookiest endings of all time as she shows up in the kitchen as Louis is playing cards, covered in dirt and blood and simply says, “Darling…”

We all know what’s coming.

(A knife to the head, if you weren’t aware.)

*Sigh… Pet cemeteries… Just never really what you expect, huh?

We  ♥ Pet Sematary.


~ by weheart80s on October 31, 2011.

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