“An army without leaders is like a foot without a big toe. And Sergeant Hulka isn’t always gonna be here to be that big toe for us. I think that we owe a big round of applause to our newest, bestest buddy, and big toe… Sergeant Hulka.”

John Winger was having a bad day. Unemployed, car repo’ed, and dumped by his lady… what’s a brotha to do?

Duh, join the Army of course.

Fresh off Caddyshack, Bill Murray gave us one of his funniest roles ever as a slacker who enlists… in Stripes.

Apparently he and his buddies had such a great time making Meatballs in 1979, they wanted to do one more movie together… so the director Ivan Reitman, star Bill Murray, and the trio of screenwriters (including Harold Ramis) all reunited for Stripes. And we gotta tell you… we’re glad they did.

Those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, do yourself a favor and give this one a watch. It does ‘band of misfits’ better than Police Academy. It does ‘Army comedy’ better than Private Benjamin. And with a supporting cast including Ramis, John Candy, John Laroquette, Judge Reinhold, and pre-nutjob Sean Young, well… need we say more?

Stripes finished 1981 in 5th place overall, having brought in more than $80 million. But more importantly, it features what may just be among the funniest, most awesome 3:30 in movies. Ever.

“Blown up, sir!”

We ♥ Stripes.


~ by weheart80s on November 7, 2011.

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