Atari 2600

“The fun is back, oh yesiree. It’s the 2600 from A-tar-ee…”

We’ve already sung the praises of a handful of Atari games. And we’ve expressed our warm fondness for the beloved joystick…

But we’ve yet to give any love for the system that made it all possible–– the Atari 2600.

That lovely box of black plastic and faux wood paneling first hit store shelves in 1977 and was, believe it or not, a bit of a slow-starter.

Locked in a fierce battle with Sears’ Channel F system, The 2600 wasn’t all that popular at the outset. It wasn’t until Channel F gave up and then Space Invaders hit in 1980 that things really got rolling.

And roll, they did.

That year Atari grossed just over $2 billion, doubled it again in 1981, and, by the end of 1982, had sold 10 million of those little boxes of happiness.

Sure, by 1984, the ol’ 2600 was pretty much done, falling victim to arcades and to the emerging Nintendo NES system… but we here at Best of the 80s will always remember the one that started it all.

…and its awesome wood paneled goodness.

We ♥ the Atari 2600.


~ by weheart80s on November 8, 2011.

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