The Last Starfighter

“I’m not here for cigarettes or bubble gum, my boy. Can you tell me the name of the person who broke the record on that game over there, and where I might find him?”

So… you think you’re good at video games? Well, are you so good that an alien comes down to Earth in the dead of night to snatch you back to his planet to save its civilization? And is it because the game you’re so good at is really a test they developed to find a star pilot who’s good enough to do it?

Well? Are you?

No? Well, you’re obviously not the last starfighter.

Have no fear, though– Alex Logan is. And his ungodly prowess at the game “Starfighter” has earned him a one-way ticket straight to Rylos, courtesy of Centauri and his super-cool spaceship car.

And just so no one notices when a strapping young teenager is absconded from his trailer park, Centauri is smart (or so he thinks) to leave an android Alex behind.

And thus, The Last Starfighter begins.

Of course, things are never just that easy. Turns out the Rylan enemy, the Ko-Dan Armada, is a particularly nasty bunch. After their honcho Xur hires an assassin to attempt to kill Alex (or at least his look-alike android back on Earth), Alex realizes he must get back to Rylos to (ba-dum!) save the world!

Sure, eventually Alex’s girlfriend Maggie and his little brother find out about his little interplanetary secret, and when we last see them, Alex is dragging Maggie off into space (with her grandma’s approval, of course) to continue his plans for… galactic domination! Mwaaah-ha-haaaaa!

(No, seriously– he just knows that Rylos will never be safe as long as ol’ Xur is still alive, and so he jets off to keep up the fight.)

Ah, movie magic.

Directed by Nick Castle (who -trivia alert!- played Michael Meyers in the original Halloween), and starring Lance Guest, Catherine Mary Stewart (who five years later would show up as Gwen in Weekend at Bernie’s), and Robert Preston (in his last big-screen role) The Last Starfighter pulled in a very respectable $29 million in the summer of 1984.

Apparently it had the luck of the Seven Pillars of Bulu with it… at all times.

We ♥ The Last Starfighter.


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One Response to “The Last Starfighter”

  1. Did you ever check out my interview with Catherine Mary Stewart? Was able to ask several questions about The Last Starfighter.

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