American Bandstand

“Were goin hoppin’, we’re goin’ hoppin’ today, where things are poppin’ the Philadelphia way…”

Far be it from us to claim American Bandstand as our own, but just ’cause it didn’t start in the 80s doesn’t mean some of AB‘s best moments didn’t happen in the 80s.

The Dick Clark-fueled juggernaut was more than two decades old when the 80s rolled around, having already spotlighted stars like The Jackson 5, The Temptations, Abba, and, yes, even Captain Beefheart.

Then came our favorite decade– and the hits just kept on comin’, with Night Ranger, Wall of Voodoo, Bryan Adams, Bananarama, Bonnie Tyler, Cyndi Lauper, and many, many more taking the stage to lip sync their hot new hit.

But everything seemed to change just a little bit on January 14, 1984, when a relatively unknown 25-year-old dancer from Detroit took the stage.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Madonna!

From spotlight dances to “Rate-a-Record”s to Barry Manilow’s jazzy theme, Bandstand gave us a chance to see our favorite stars and hear their latest music, all while watching goofy 80s kids do those always-awesome goofy dances.

We ♥ American Bandstand.


~ by weheart80s on November 17, 2011.

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