We admit it. It didn’t take much to amuse us in the 80s. Before we were graced with the need to be “plugged in” at all times, we were simple beings. Thus, the fact that the Smooshies had their heyday in our favorite decade comes as no surprise.

There wasn’t much to ’em. They were little stuffed animals with oversized features. What’s so exciting about that, you ask? Well, nothing really. They came with a tiny “habitat” varying from tree stumps to baby carriages, depending on the type of Smooshie you had.

So, literally you could sit there and squish your stuffed animal into its plastic home allowing some of its body parts to hang out. After that? You could take it back out again. Absolutely mesmerizing, eh? Yeah, we know. Not our shiniest star…but, you have to give it to them that they were somewhat cute, so little girls enjoyed them.

McDonalds even had a line of Halloween Smooshies that came with their Happy Meals one year. And isn’t that every toy’s biggest dream? To have a miniature version featured in a Happy Meal? We like to think so.

We ♥ Smooshies.

~ by weheart80s on December 6, 2011.

One Response to “Smooshies”

  1. Wow,I loved these sooo much!I remember I had the rabbit coz its name was Heidi,same as me!And i had the lil house,and my sis had a fish in a bowl,i’m sure of it…xxxxxxxxx

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